Sub Themes

  • Developing the Next Gereration of CHROs
  • Evaluating Learning Potential
  • Employee Engagement and Development with the Millennials and Beyond
  • The Transforming World of HR
  • Creating Collaborative Pathways for better tomorrow
  • Building a Culture Around Agility
  • Unleashing the Human Potential in Creating Sustainable Top Performance
  • Empowering Future Leaders Through Youth Development
  • Rethinking the Indian Human Capital Strategy: Are We On the Right Track?
  • Ethical Leadership and Staff Effectiveness
  • Building a Sustainabe Human Capital
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India Human Capital Summit & Awards 2021

The INDIA HUMAN CAPITAL SUMMIT. will be an Executive Level Retreat in which participants will review Evolving Trends in HRM that could change their paradigm on leading people at work.

It would provide an opportunity to acquire skills to maximize competencies and become a more knowledgeable contributor in the organization. Besides networking opportunities, the conference offers unique in-depth approach to understanding important workplace issues that affect an organization's viability in today's fast-paced business environment. The objective at core is benchmarking talent & HR practices.


Dhruv Anand Dilipkumar

Associate Vice President & Head - Talent Management (HR)
Netmagic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ravendra Mishra

Head - Human Capital
Garware - Wall Ropes Ltd.

Lucky Kulkarni

Country Head Human Resources
Jeena & Company

Harjeet Khanduja

Vice President Human Resources
Reliance Jio

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