Entry Guidelines

Human resources play a crucial role in ensuring employee satisfaction and enhancing business productivity, and these factors are often the key contributors to organizational success. To acknowledge the tremendous efforts made by professionals in this sector, India Human Capital is therefore proud to present the “Human Capital Awards ”.

  • To begin, please register yourself and fill in the required detail
  • Once registered, you can start adding entries by selecting the categories
  • Each entry requires some mandatory fields, but we encourage you to fill up all the available fields to help the jury in judging the initiative/ project/campaign.
  • The entries are saved and can be edited later, so it gives you flexibility to work and edit multiple entries
  • Once you have added all your entries, make sure to mark them ready to submit & then you need to make the required payment.
  • An entry will only be considered as submitted once the required payment is made.
  • We do not have timing requirements for when a program is implemented or how long it must be in place, organizations are encouraged to submit once their programs have been in place long enough to show impact and measurable results. This is an important aspect of the judging criteria so it is critical that you can demonstrate the same before submittal.



  • Step 1 : Receipt of Entries ( Confirmation email + Material + Payment )
  • Step 2 : Acknowledgement by Organizers.
  • Step 3 : Academic Council goes through all Entries.
  • Step 4 : Passes it on to Professional Council.
  • Step 5 : Final Award Ceremony


  • Organization Category
  • Each entry should be accompanied by write up of not more than 2700 words.
  • Profile of the Company.
  • Annexure (Media write Ups, Interviews, Schematic Charts/Descriptions, Annual Reports )
  • Awards & Accolades
  • Any other relevant details.
  • Individual Category
  • Each entry should be accompanied by write up of not more than 2700 words.
  • Photograph.
  • Personal Profile.
  • Achievements (Awards & Accolades received).
  • Media Coverage (Articles published).
  • Any other relevant details.